First In Colours, Incorporated (FIC) is the first company in the Philippines to provide the local plastics industry with custom designed and formulated dry colorants, color masterbatches, additives and engineered polymers for a wide range of applications.

Over the years, FIC has been investing on the establishment of state-of-the-art manufacturing and research and development facilities to satisfy the growing and ever evolving needs of the plastics industry. One such pressing need is for the industry to heed society’s cry for environment-friendly products. In particular, the elimination of the widespread use of disposable plastic bags for packaging is a favorite of environmentalists. In this regard, FIC has developed aprogram to develop products that will make plastics environment-friendly by making them biodegradable. There are two FIC products that are now commercially available and sold to the plastic manufacturers: BIOMATE™ and BIO-PLAST™.

 BIOMATE™ - Additive Concentrate

Biomate™ is a proprietary mixture of additives, when added to conventional plastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene, makes such plastics biodegradable. These plastics are the main materials used in a variety of disposable packaging applications. Biomate™ which contains P-life, a proprietary pro-oxidant catalyst, accelerates the breakdown of the chemical structure of the plastics. The resultant breakdown products are then amenable to conversion by micro-organisms, for which these products are an energy source or food, into carbon dioxide and water; thereby returning otherwise intractable plastics to the ecosystem.

BIO-PLAST™ - Biodegradable Resin for Foamed Material for Packaging

Bio-Plast™ is a starch-based biodegradable material which is used to produce loose fillers and generally as a packaging material, in form of sheet or small-sized bondable particles or of injected foamed material. In particular, the loose fillers are used as protective packages which are generally made of foamed polystyrene, a non-biodegradable material. Bio-Plast™ is an environment-friendly replacement for foamed polystyrene in manufacturing loose fillers.