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The brand customers have trusted for over 30 years for all their color concentrate needs using a wide range of resins as carriers. Range of applications from film and tapes, to mouldings, to wire and cable applications, and high end fibers. Its how we started, its what we do best.

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Fully Dispersed Pigment Preparations for polyethylene & polypropylene color compounding applications


Fully Dispersed Pigment Preparations for pvc color compounding applications

Color Masterbatches

Apart from a wide range of standard colors available, a vast majority of jobs are typically engineered and formulated to specific applications and customer needs. Through the use of the most advance color computer matching hardware and software, we have the ability to guarantee critical color matches to even the most stringent of specifications.

Special Effects Masterbatches

Pearlescents, metallics, flourescents, phosphorescents and marbles. These are just a few special effect masterbatches available than can be tailor-made to meet the various demands and imagination of the customers.

White Masterbatches

Grades of up to 80% TiO2 loadings. From the large volume utility grades to the high performance grades, we satisfy the market requirements while providing the greatest value.

Black Masterbatches

Grades with up to 40% carbon black loadings in a wide range of resins are available for low-cost to high performance products.

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