D&L Industries, Inc. (D&L) is the parent company of First in Colours, Incorporated.

D&L started its operations in 1963 by outsourcing colorants and supplying them to the plastic industry to which they also offered color-matching services.

By the time it was incorporated in 1971, D&L had diversified into the manufacture, marketing and distribution of various chemicals and additives, serving the requirement of the plastic, paint and ink industries.

In 1985, D&L Industries, Inc. started spinning-off its manufacturing and marketing activities into separate companies.

First in Colors, Inc. (FIC) was established in 1988 to ensure manufacturing and marketing synergy that is focused in providing the local plastics industry with custom designed, formulated and manufactured dry colorants, color concentrates and additives as well as engineered polymers for a wide range of applications.FICs manufacturing facilities are structured for products and order size flexibility.

Over the years, FIC has been investing in production, quality assurance, research and development capabilities and in the training of its staff to bring the very best products and services to customers. In 1994, FIC gained ISO 9002 certification as part of its continuing commitment on quality.

In 2008, FIC became First in Colours, Incorporated as it serves more and more international customers.